Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Seasonal Precipitation Trends

The next 4 posts will look at the precipitation data for those same locations as the yearly precipitation but for each season.

First, Spring (March, April and May):

British Columbia:

VAVENBY (note the significant drop off in rain in the last two years, something's up with that).

Central Canada:
Calgary Airport. Though it has the longest temperature record for Alberta, its precipitation data ends in 1988.

MUENSTER, Sask (This too shows a significant drop off in rain and show in the last 2 years)

Birtle, MN

Southern Ontario:

Southern Quebec:

East Coast:
Cartwright, NFD

Over All Average:
This is spring averaging all stations beyond those above, including stations with short datasets:

It is clear from this average of all stations, that over all in Canada there is nothing unusual in the precipitation.

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