Thursday, July 29, 2010

Other Parts of the World Also getting Less Cold

As I suspected, Canada is not unique in having the increase of the average of the mean tempueratures from winter temperatures being less cold, and no change in the summers.

This was from 4 years ago which appeared in JunkScience for a station in Ireland:

Also from Australia

When I posted about Canada's temps and it would be nice to see his graphs showing the full range of yearly temps, that author, Ken Stewart said:

"Yes that seems to be the general pattern here. The rise in means is largely due to increasing minimum temps. In large areas of south / eastern Australia maximum temps have been decreasing, and in an area of inland Victoria and NSW the means are decreasing- cooling! I’ve seen your graph and it would not be too hard to do as I have all the data now. I stuck to means as that is how the HQ data is available."

It cannot be a co-incidence that three distantly placed locations would show this pattern of a narrowing of the yearly range of temps, and it not be so for the rest of the temperate world.

This completely falsifies AGW because their entire mantra is the planet is going to heat up. Well, our plots of actual data does not support that premise. Now they have to explain how rising CO2 makes winters less cold and summers with no change.

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